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African-American Female Therapist/Counselor Chyna Hill

Therapist Dr. Chyna Hill (California)

I am Dr. Chyna Hill, a licensed therapist (mental health counselor). I am a Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker who is currently employed with Aweh Support. I serve all of California. All my therapy sessions are virtual (online).
Dr. Chyna Hill

Dr. Chyna Hill


Sarah Mireles

Sarah Mireles

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, APCC, MA

Chantal Austin

Chantal Austin


Anim Aweh

Anim Aweh


Chloe Horowitz, ACSW

Chloe Horowitz, ACSW


  • Body Positivity

  • Gay Allied

  • HIV / AIDS Allied

  • Immuno-disorders

  • Lesbian Allied

  • Queer Allied

  • Racial Justice Allied

  • Single Mother

  • Transgender Allied

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My Expertise:
  • Trauma
  • Mother & Daughter Relationships
  • High Achievement & Over Functioning

My Credentials:

License -  CA ASW 98010

Supervision - Anim Aweh (LCSW CA # 86366)

Employed by Aweh Support LLC

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Ready to shift your mindset from survival mode to thriving?

We know firsthand how hard it is to shift, and that is why we laid out the steps for those ready to take that leap.  This is the perfect addition to those already in therapy, have graduated from therapy and have never started. 
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